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Welcome to the Epic Constructed XTL, home to all sorts of constructed play for Epic Card Game! 

Mode of Play - Round robin of single games at each table

Advancement and Relegation- Depending of the league needs, a certain number of players from each table will be relegated or advanced after each round

Timing- Status of each table will be check weekly to ensure timely play, there is no firm deadline

Format- Typical Constructed rules apply

Platform- Default platform is the official app, though players may use any platform acceptable to both of them (including expansions!)

Scoring- Report all scores for 3rd tie breaker. If the opponent concedes, their score is reduced to 0. Decking out will also cause the opponent's score to be reduced to 0. 0 is the lowest possible score, no negatives! 

Let me know if you have questions or concerns and have fun!

-Ladrako (Evan)


Название Игра Тип Участники Дата создания Прогресс
Epic Constructed Staged Epic Card Game Groups → SE 13 07-28-17
Epic Constructed XTL 2A Epic Card Game RR 0 06-09-17
Epic Constructed XTL 0E Epic Card Game RR 4 05-31-17
Epic Constructed XTL 0C Epic Card Game RR 5 05-31-17
Epic Constructed XTL 1A Epic Card Game RR 4 05-25-17
Epic Constructed XTL 0D Epic Card Game RR 0 05-25-17
Epic Constructed XTL 0B Epic Card Game RR 5 05-19-17
Epic Constructed XTL 0F Epic Card Game RR 0 05-11-17